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Do you want more ‘Joy’ in your Life?

How about more ‘Peace of Mind’ too?

Spirituality 101–601 and Beyond

Awaken Your Own Spirituality

This book unlocks these possibilities in any person by awakening their own Spirituality, just by following simple mind lessons. The unlocking occurs as you learn to let love flow to you and through you, not from a source apart from you, but the source of love deep inside yourself.

Does that sound useful or maybe essential to you?

The series of progressive lessons in this book will lead you to possible full awakening with Joy and a Peaceful Mind, beyond human understanding.

Holy Karma

How to rediscover your Holiness

In his follow-up to Spirituality 101–601 and Beyond, Shamaré explores the return to Holiness through Holy Karma – Divine Cause and Effect. This book will guide you through the process of rediscovering your Holiness to live again in the flow of Holy Karma.

Holiness will arrive as you surrender to the will of the one that sent you forth into a world of dualities to awaken and realise, once again, that you prefer living in the singularity of Holy Home or Reality where “Only Love is Real”.

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A Pure Spirituality Evening With Shamaré

Learn how to take responsibility for the development of your ego self and if desired, take steps that will lead to awakening to live again as Spirit Self.

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Awaken Your Spirituality

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The Author

About Shamaré

Shamaré lives in remote hills in Northland, New Zealand surrounded by forests, birds, animals, streams and nature. From an early age, he knew that the world he was being shown was missing some essential knowledge. This knowledge, as spiritual writings from Shamaré, was initially shared with a private group of friends. Now, as a public instructor, his commission is to bring it to mainstream readers worldwide, to share a vision of the future where humanity can finally bring heaven to earth as a reality. Shamaré’s teachings may very well become the opening and support you need in your own pathway to awakening fully.