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Holy Karma: How to rediscover your Holiness by Shamare
Paperback 5.5×8.5-inches, 278pp, ISBN 9780473670764. Also available in ebook editions. Published by Heaven On Earth.

How to rediscover your Holiness

In his follow-up to Spirituality 101–601 and Beyond, Shamaré explores the return to Holiness through Holy Karma – Divine Cause and Effect.

To rediscover your Holiness and live again in the flow of Holy Karma requires a change of Mind which this book will guide you through. Holiness returns as you release misunderstandings and beliefs that would try and tell you otherwise. Inner voice will guide the way.

As this book shows, if you are sincere about awakening to your Holiness, you cannot fail. Holiness will arrive as you surrender to the will of the one that sent you forth into a world of dualities to awaken and realise, once again, that you prefer living in the singularity of Holy Home or Reality where “Only Love is Real”.

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