Shamaré lives in remote hills in Northland, New Zealand surrounded by forests, birds, animals, streams and nature. From an early age, he knew that the world he was being shown was missing some essential knowledge. This knowledge, as spiritual writings from Shamaré, has been shared worldwide to a private group of friends for more than 20 years.

His commission now is to bring this knowledge to mainstream readers worldwide, to share a vision of the future where humanity can finally bring heaven to earth as a reality. Shamaré (designated as the Guardian, Door Keeper, Gate Keeper and Protector) is now a public instructor of this knowledge and is available to meet your group of friends to share and expand this knowledge.

Shamaré’s teachings may very well become the opening and support you need in your own pathway to awakening fully.

What you will learn from Spirituality 101–601 and Beyond

With this book you will learn how to take responsibility for the development of your ego self and if desired, take steps that will lead to awakening to live again as Spirit Self. Inside this learning process you will shift your identification and viewpoint from ego, to spirit and to discover you are spirit in nature, the ego was an illusion of mind.

Only you the reader will know how to awaken yourself, as you spun your own elaborate tapestry of illusion and only you can untangle this. You will discover that only Love from Source can heal this illusion and this Love flows endlessly to you and through you, not from a source apart from you but from a Source in the very depth of you.

Yes, this does mean that you are connected directly to All Power and therefore have all the necessary pieces built in to do this transformational work. However you may need some help and encouragement to learn how to allow and trust that Love flowing from Source heals all things. Hence the Title, which indicates this information, is a set of simple mind lessons that can lead one back to the Real Life with full Spirituality.