This will thought will arise for you at some point in your journey of no distance.

You will be tried many times and may even feel incapable of continuing this journey.

It can be very challenging.

But know this that Holy Family offers so much more than ego projected life there are no comparisons!

There are only two thought systems that really exist, you have to choose which one is for you.

The first, the Holy thought system is based on “I am but Spirit, everything else is illusion. I dwell in Holy Love flowing in Singularity and simplicity.

The second Thought system is based on “I am but body, and intelligent animal full of mis-perception and living in struggle, dualities and complexity

So here are some thoughts to hold you in place when moments of doubt arise for you, as they will.

How close are you to Holiness and Divinity at all moments. Do you recognise this.?

1/ Your Consciousness arises from a single point of Holy Intelligence. You are alive and know this.

2/ Your Awareness arises inside Holy Consciousness, it can’t come from anywhere else.

3/ Your day to day activity accesses Divinity every moment in the gift of the One Mind. Your thoughts on life flows inside the one mind, which dwells in Holy Home only.

4/ You are not the DNA, you drive the robot remotely always. You are not just Jim or Mary!

5/ You are therefore closer to divinity than the width of a thought as Jeshua says. You are intimately connected at all moments without ceasing to Divinity. Nothing else is possible.

6/ This is not beliefs, this is a moment by moment experience. Feel this and appreciate divinity.

7/ If you think you have failed in some way it doesn’t change the intimacy of your connection. Failure is only a thought which can be released when you allow self love to flow again.

8/ Love flows to you and through you continually without ceasing, not from a source apart from you but from a source in the very depth of you.

9/ This indicates that as a Holy child you can only ever be one with the source of all things, there is no gap, it is all illusion, if it comes up.

10/ Love the singularity energy of the grand Holy Intelligence flows endlessly and without cost as an endless gift to you as your birth-right as one of the Holy Children.

11/ Take your birth right gift and wallow in it until you once again feel as the Pure Spirit you are, You are just having experience in a created world of dualities you have volunteered to mentally project into and now you are awakening to all of this to return home to your Holy Family once again and leaving illusion of separation.

That is enough to reflect on to re-build your Divine Trust once again. Your Holy Trust will be tested many times, come back again for a refresher. Sit and reflect to re-gain energy once again.


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