To All of the Holy Children,

Continuing the discussions on Mental Health.

It is only after some time that there is a realisation that mental projection is a very deep and fundamental force to change viewpoints in almost all things.

It is only after the understanding about how the interactive world mirror only reflects back your mental belief system, that progress can be made in mental health.

Watch and learn!

Before this understanding is reached, all of life is a reaction and a set of mental projects as judgments on what you think you perceive outside yourself.

Of course this is can never be true. What is taking place fundamentally is a judgment of events based on what you believe is true perception.

However, you are only ever seeing yourself out there. A mental projection outside yourself.

Note: each will have a different judgment due to differing beliefs and this perceptions.

Life then becomes an automatic mental model of judgment where all your thoughts are right all of the time. You are proving yourself to yourself using mental projection.

However at some point, the penny will drop and the mirror reflection concept will slowly come into focus and then the realisation that everything arising in the mind is just an effect with a resulting automatic mental projection to describe what is happening inside and outside. They are both the same.

With that arising knowledge will come this question. If this is only effect arising from my own mental projection, what is cause?

Now the next level starts. The hunt for cause.

Many will have you believe it is because your budgie escaped when you were 4 and you never got over it and it shaped you as a person from then on.

And they are sort of right about that, except.

The budgie incident and the shaping maybe cause but it is also effect as the trauma feelings or reactivity or effect that arose must have come from a cause somewhere else also.

The behaviour and mental projections that followed the trauma were all running out of the mind as effect.

And so sometime will be spent on trying to come to terms with this, quite a bit of couch time and meditation and maybe some chanting. Maybe even beer as a tool.

Moving on though, at some point this budgie trauma will be seen as effect and not cause. All that mental projection through life from the budgie and before, will now start to become a curiosity.

If that child trauma is effect, what is the big cause of all of it?

Another level is hunted down and then maybe another level, possibly a life time of levels to untie and release ego karma, the causes and the effects.

And with time, it becomes clearer and clearer that all has been projection of effects, with what looked like legitimate causes at the time but now can be seen as just a continuos stream of mental projections, creations made on the fly to supposedly safe guard your mind and allow you to continue on automatically in a haze of hunting down supposed causes and effects.

This can take on a world of its own. Now making meaning of it all, with justification and maybe bad behaviour or ?

Ego mental projection, pretending mentally to make sense of it all, with blinkers on and fingers firmly stuck in the ears.

Of course it was about that! Well if you grew up where I grew up you would be also!

And this is where it gets most interesting.

Can you actually escape the madness and the ego projections?

Because how much yoga can you do with sweat and breath, meditate in the dark, Mongolian tonal throat chanting, reading the holy books, eating so well and only having that type of friend.

Mental health can start to suffer when this point is reached as it becomes quit circular. Tail chasing.

Where to from here?

Maybe a guru, maybe one more rebirth, maybe a new relationship, more money, maybe less money.

My dear friends, realise this one important thing at this time and all times.

None of this is Real, all of the cause and effects are creations only, as a projection from your misinformed misperceived ego mind. An ego viewpoint run amuck.

And now you can see why this world is such a fantastic place to trial out your mind.

How about that as an idea?

That was grounding wasn’t it.

Turned the tables upside down!

How are you doing?

I think the guy with the clip board did say door 23 and wait to be called but I thought I heard him whisper, “All the best, you are going to need it”.

And to give some guidance to jump the circle and get free, we all must remember once again that cause and effect only arises at a cosmic consciousness transition point from real to virtual.

This transition was when we put our hand up and said as a pure holy little entity, that we would trial our holy mind outside “Only Love is Real”, our home state and move to a world with dualities and see how we do.

The cosmic shock of taking on this challenge, lead almost immediately to cause with mental trauma.

First cause arising, oh my god! That quick!

The effect of moving to virtualisation as supposed existence, outside reality home, was huge. It still is in a mind that cannot see it is drama only and not real.

Mental projections, more causes and effects over eons to the present, in a virtual world has lead all to forget reality, that is holy home where “only love is real”.

It is only a hazy outline hidden away in a corner of the mind basement covered in cob webs and dust.

And even then, the first cause laid down by the cosmic trauma was different for all participants. It became their personal mental project, a mental projection, a personality in falsehood.

The creation is born and it is never true and real, just virtual. Don’t sweat the small things.

This is the lowest level in ego mental projection.

Freedom awaits the miracle of this realisation.

All can be forgiven as a misunderstanding when supposedly living in virtuality, mentally projecting with an insane mind.

Forgiveness and self love are the basis of all spirituality recovery.

Starting at the top levels and coming down the ladder of mental projections with forgiveness and a good laugh will undo all the non mental damage.

Holy mental health is at the bottom of this ladder waiting. It has always been there.

In holy mental health, I can now actually project differently, with a new set of holy outcomes.

Holy mental sanity comes when there is a surrender of ego mental projection as beliefs on all things.

I do not know what a single thing is and what is for, teach me a new.

None of it was ever true, none of it was ever real, it was only ego mental projection based on a misperception of who I thought I was and I played a joke on myself for several eons, even scaring myself with my own creations during that time in the worlds.

The grand awakening that is coming, is not the realisation that governments and rulers have no power and that you were born free as a human. It is true though.

The grand awakening from the original cosmic trauma that ushered in the dream of the dreamer, will come when all ego misidentified mental projection ends and the belief about somehow being separated at cosmic transition from god source itself was true.

The proof for you is this.

If a sleeping soul as you, dreaming the dream of being separated from Source Love was true, you would have dis-connected from Consciousness itself and you would immediately cease to exist and yet you are still here or there somewhere, aren’t you.

This long experience when seen through Holy eyes once again, will only see and say that “Only Love is Real” was the winner in the end.

And of course, how could it be any other way.