My Dear Friends,

You have forgotten who you really are and why you came to the place called Earth.

Please remember again.

You are the Holy Children of God Divine.

Begotten in the image of this Great Holy Consciousness that birthed you.

This may seem like it is far fetched to you mind at present but consider the alternatives.

You have almost lost the ability to cope, you have lost your joy, you have lost your Self Love!

The Mental Recovery is simple and the load to recovery is very light.

Remember who you are once again and drop insane alternative views of yourself that have blinded you and provided no strength for you.

You are safe always and loved entirely and forever and you are forever.

That is enough to transform you backed to joy and peace of mind beyond human understanding.

And yet, the thoughts above, will be dismissed or forgotten when the next insane moment arrives.

A very short half life indeed.

And so the secret to recovery to a healthy mind, is to develop a desire that is stronger than the belief structure you live inside now.

“I desire above all things to return to the simplicity, to joy, to peace of mind and love flowing again.”

Make this your prayer in your mind continually and you will create this outcome for yourself.

Holy Healing Love flows to you each and every moment and yet you miss it and cannot smell the sweet aroma of it as it washes over your mind.

Stop and reflect, and choose again.

“I choose to feel Love flowing through my mind and I will wrap myself in it once again”.

You have been called to freedom in the mind, to live in simplicity and extend Love.

My Dear Friends, it is time to choose this outcome for yourselves and let this old world dissolve away as object of no value and no importance.

Return to your true Holy Family and remember and savoir that Loving Energy once again.

I wish you well in this simple exercise of Holy Self Love.

The Guardian

The one bringing comfort to those sick in their minds and that are over burdened in fear and guilt.