I often get promptings during the day and night to write a little more for you and me to read over.

The purpose of course is to assist in settling into your Holy Mind “The Real Story of Holy Life”.

This small note that arose is labelled “Residual Anxiety”.

This Information Arises is from my own inner promptings as I am watching my mind and those around me, seen and unseen.

At some point along the way, you may notice that there seems to be a residual anxiety that is layered over your Holy Mind as you go from moment to moment.

This will manifest in various ways and in different situations.

Sometimes you will notice a nervous twitchy in the body, a foot that cannot keep still when you are sitting or reading or even talking with others.

A calmness is not there all the time, just a slight undercurrent of energy that is disturbing real peace.

Take note of these times, and in that moment say to Holy Self.

“I perceive a residual anxiety running in my mind. What can this be”?

“I open myself to self discovery and cause”.

And leave it there, unless you have some idea right away and you can embrace this and transcend it.

You will notice more and more of this as you open and a healing will come one day when you say and acknowledge.
“I am creating this and I remember making/creating this”.

To return to Holiness where the mind is in singularity with Only flowing, where Only Love is Real”, requires this acknowledgement, this growing awareness.

Healing only ever comes for your Holy Mind when you let go of faulty creations.

Do not let another day pass without healing some of these Residual Anxieties.

Love Shamaré.