Ah! I see, you have reached that place!

You have become aware you are conflicted and distorted mentally and it is bugging you a little (may be more than that).

A good question always arises from this rising awareness of mental conflict.

How come the mental conflict is all still there after all this time and supposed healing?

Well, it is only a mis-perception as you know and it is not real and yet it seems to be held in place quite well by some grand force. Smile at that.

Actually, the mental conflict and distortion has always been there, it is just you have become aware of it now and notice it as you develop the ability to assess the difference between Body Centric Karma ego and Holy Karma Ego running in your mind.

So the process is the same as always, feel it, move in to it and love it to death.

I know from experience that these types of mental conflicts and mis-perceptions are sometimes slow to come to the surface to be healed.

Here is a decree that you can say that may move it along a little.

You can add and subtract from it, it is not written in stone.

Say it even if you don’t really feel connected to it. It will grow on you.

I am truly the Light of this World

I am born from the one thing that is true always, Holy Love Divine

I am Loved always

I am Loving

I am Loveable

I am Safe always

I am dwelling always in the Holy Mind of the one that loves me and birthed me.

I am that one’s Holy Effect as I allow loving cause to arise in me from the depth of me.

I am One with that One

This will help set the tone of your conscious, sub conscious and un-consious mind, and eventually all the Mental conflict and distortion will float to the top of the mind, like froth on milk to be swiped aside to allow your Holy Clarity to flow again.

Holy Love allows, trusts and embraces and then watches as it transforms, transcends and transmutes all mental ego conflict and distortion..

Nothing else works, nothing.

Love to you all.

Sharmaré the Guardian, Protector, Doorkeeper and Gatekeeper.