The pre-dis-position mental direction of an ego Mind, is always towards illusion and delusion.

The ego illusion, delusion, insanity, the mistake, the error in thinking, is always 180 degrees away from the real truth of who you real are.

Hence, the making over of the mind is sometimes a little tricky, as the pre-dis-position is also a mental habit that has run over a long period of earth times, with many incarnations re-enforcing it.

So success in changing the mind, to gain the new viewpoint, requires courage and vigilance, driven by a very strong desire to see the change.

At first it is as a new belief. An intellectual exercise of changing the ego mind through thoughts and ideas.

With time comes Holy Knowing and a mental change occurs to Allowing, rather than the correcting the mind continually intellectually with an ego judgment system.

This Holy Knowing process sees finality when Mental Surrender arises where Holy Knowing wells up into the mind and becomes an automatic desire.

It is a fall into the choiceless choice ( Jeshua ) or back to normality and Holiness.

This process now becomes Holy Karma.

The Flow of Divine Holy Energy as Cause from the depth of you, flowing to incarnated you as Holy Effect.

Let out the Holy Effect and change the world and re-place it with Heaven on Earth Arising.

This is coming in days ahead for the many, not all.

Some will have to continue in another domain to arrive at the same mental decision in that future domain times.

So your sanity or as they say now Well Being, is in your hands and your hands alone as the decision is for you to make.

It you are aware you are in insanity, just cry out to Holy Self and say, “ I know there is a better way forward, show me”.

It is enough to start the ball rolling.

Love to all those rolling balls at this time.