To All the Holy Children.

The four steps to Mental Freedom (given by Jeshua in the early 90s)

Step 1: Desire

Your Desire to heal and escape ego mind has arisen,=.

By now this will be a certainty with no confusion.

Step 2: Intention

Do not let a moment pass where you watch and realign your mind to the Singularity of Love Flowing

Always get to the next step 3: Allowance Mental State as quick as you can and just sit there.

Step 3: Allowance

You will now be sitting in the mental space between Allowance and Step 4: Surrender.

What happens in this mental space?

This sitting means “Being in Holy Mental Watcher Mode”.

This is in contrast to being in “ego mental watcher mode”, which only has judgment on the outside.

“Being in Holy Mental Watcher Mode” is now mentally watching for mirroring from all around you as human.

Mirroring is only ever your own beliefs and perception appearing to be outside you. This takes the mental form of judgment of others and object things.

Catch these “mirror” moments. These are your own ego mental projections out into your own created outside world. Your projected created world is unique to you, no one else has a model like yours.

These are of course mis-perception and mis-understanding, with moments of complete insanity.

There is nothing out there really other than your mirrored interpretation. Only your projections of your mind outside yourself.

Forgive yourself over and over again.

Sure the other bodies and minds dance for you but at all times you are the one making it all up, giving it meaning by interpreting, judging it, deciding you know what a single thing is and what it is for.

By sitting and slowly dissolving the need for projection outside, the mind will still and a moment will come when an awareness does arrive that surrender of ego will is an excellent choice and Holy surrender begins.

You may bounce along the top of this atmosphere for sometime, feeling the heat of the decision but know thoroughly the day will come when you have to enter into the new atmosphere and parachute down to a safe landing deep inside Holy surrender.